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Bath Toy Organizer Holder for Bathtub Toys; Childrens Bathroom Accessory Sets Come with Large Washable Mesh Bag, 3 Suction Cups, 3 Pirate Figures and Pirate Eyepatch

  •  Sturdy, large, mesh bathtub bath toy organizer for all of your child’s bath toys and bath products.
  •  Bathroom storage with washable netting and 3 strong suction cups = no black mold on bathtub toys.
  •  Plus: Pirate Bath Toys and Pirate Eye Patch! The perfect bathroom accessories for a pirate bathroom.
  •  Pirates! Pirate toy figures and eye patch! Pair with pirate hat or pirate flag for pirate costume!
  •  Satisfaction Guaranteed for this bathroom organizer and pirate bathroom decor bonus!

$24.97 $17.97